Techniques Offered

Kelly Smith Stained Glass Technique

Kelly Smith Demonstrates Stained Glass Technique

  1. Stained, leaded glass

    Separate intricate glass shapes are joined with soldered metal seams.

  2. Beveled glass

    Refined, hand-cut and polished facets on the edges of plate glass (colored or clear) are incorporated into designs.

  3. Stone wheel engraving

    Hand-cut and polished small-scale designs embellish the window pieces.

  4. Kelly Smith Leaded Glass Technique

    Lead Caming Is Test Fit During Construction

  5. Painted glass

    Glass-bodied paints and enamels, kiln-fired at 1050° – 1325° F, are added to create further design and detail.

  6. Carved glass

    Designs are sand blasted in numerous “stages” or depths on plate glass.

  7. Ice-back glass

    Primitive faceting is done on plate glass with hammer, chisel, and anvil.

  8. Kelly Smith Completed Focal Section

    Completed focal section of a large church project shows lead caming for structural support, painting and staining techniques.

  9. Etching

    A mild acid cream is used to add light apparent texture and design to the glass surface.

  10. Kiln formed glass (warm glass)

    Layers of primarily (though not exclusively) sheet glass are bent / formed over clay molds in the kiln at 1500°.

  11. Metal casting

    3D structural and / or decorative metal is made by investing clay models in refractory cement (Ultra-Cal), then casting.