Artist Statement

Art Glass Is an Artistic Medium

Art glass is an artistic medium which utilizes light to its fullest potential. Most other art forms will use only light bounced off the surface then to the viewer. Unlike these, art glass is unique in that it utilizes, even depends on a saturation of light in and through it to convey its meaning. No wonder the color achieved is so dynamic. No wonder its varying clarity / opacity / texture are so able to reflect, refract and absorb light, causing a heightened perception of depth and dimensionality. This age old material, fused from the sands of the earth, offers an infinite variety of usages that tempt the imagination.

My Work Is Central to My Way of Life

My work is central to my way of life. I had worked mainly in clay until August 1979, when upon graduation from college I turned my attention towards glass. Primarily self-taught, I strive to evolve my own language of clarified, simplified symbols. Every image is the cleanest, most direct representation of a certain “character” moving in its own rhythm. Often, these “characters” are moving in groups, such as up and down the street or swimming towards the surface of water. Generally, I prefer to use the textures and opacities of different glasses, more than color to achieve depth of field and the feeling of movement. Another mantra is to achieve as much dimensionality and or the illusion of it as possible – avoid looking “flat.”

Glass Art is Kinetic and Site-Specific

Glass is a kinetic art form. It is an extension of light, and light in almost any setting is constantly changing. Interior and exterior imagery are also usually changing. For example, the viewer’s vantage point changes. The seasons of the year bring diversity in foliage and forms of precipitation in the landscape. The angle of the sun changes around the calendar, too. Glass usually interacts with movement of some type in its environment. This could be trees blowing in the wind, people and cars on the street or the opening and closing of a door. All these things make a window jump, sparkle and come to life via movement around it.

For all these reasons, glass art is kinetic and site-specific. Therefore, good glass design takes into consideration these changing elements, using them to an advantage. Often, I strive to have my pieces serve as the unifying element in a setting; tying inside and outside together, lending harmony and establishing mood. Other times they are the focal point – the “signature” statement. My job description in the physical technical realm is “glassworker.” In design theory, conceptually, it is rather “light manipulator.”

My Goal Is to Evoke Emotion/Response

As an artist, I feel it is my duty to comment on our society; to reflect the life and times in which I live. My goal is to evoke some kind of emotion and / or response from the viewer – to touch them. It is how I communicate. We artists often make new associations from seemingly disparate things others don’t see, yet can identify with once they’re pointed out. We bring focus to our subjects and concise clarity to their meaning, bringing our message to the forefront.

I Am Dedicated to the Integrity of My Craftsmanship

We can each bring home impact all our own, as all arts are unique in their capabilities to express. Combining them is even more powerful and broadens one’s range. I feel the most alive when I am challenging myself to go beyond the edge of my ability to a new level. I dedicate myself daily to the integrity of my craftsmanship.